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THIS is COLOUR is a project that started during my preparation for the artist in residence program of Mustarinda in Finland. I started with the idea of ​​going to this place without taking any paint. I wanted to see if I could make pigment and paint from local materials such as earth and stone to give an impression of the colours of that specific piece of earth.

I have been able to participate in three different A.I.R. programs in three different country's with this project: Finland, La Gomera and in Catalunya

THIS is COLOUR is a project that continues. I research the colours of the earth and how these colours can tell their own story.




With the series ‘This is colour’ I investigated the spectrum of local colours from Les Guilleries Natural Park. These works were made during an Artist in Residence program Nectar in Catalunya. 

The canvasses are painted only with pigments found in the surrounding. 


La Gomera is a volcanic island where I have collected beautiful colors from the earth. I made paint with this earth and made small wooden panels. The first picture shows the earth collection i made so far with he pigment from Finland and La Gomera.

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